There is a beginning to all things…

This is a short story about my overwhelming desire to create and formulate a beautiful effective skin care line derived from pure and organic ingredients. Combining my lifetime of knowledge in herbs and oils, I finally began my own journey, acknowledging that it is never too late to pursue the dream of a lifetime. With genuine support from those who truly respect my creative gifts plus many years cultivating skin care knowledge, I can now leave my legacy.

I am always learning and creating advanced formulas, resulting in increased effectiveness. Like beautiful music, I continue to create. It is my passionate dream to enhance my core products, listen to my clients, deliver excellent customer service, and deliver the very best quality products imaginable.

With great and humble appreciation I truly want to thank my sister Joyce and my niece Sandy for their encouragement long before “Divine Skin Creations” became a reality. My daughters for their kind interpretation of my formulation of potions, lotions and creations. My husband, who has given me free reign to create. My clients who are special people in my life. Their continued encouragement and excitement about my facial products has been very inspiring. My dear friend Britney, who did the original paper work for “Divine Skin Creations TM.” The artistic gift and talent of Coral who designed my “one of a kind” logo. Two special gentlemen, believing in my dream, convinced the labs in France and New York to formulate my products with amazing results.

The day my mom passed away, she said to me, “Diane, Honey, there isn’t anything you can’t do.” She was a perfect example of that statement.

I am 74 years old, I am a self-employed esthetician in Mesa, AZ and – That is my story!

– Diane Wells

Divine Skin Creations