Dry patches of skin on face?!

Have you ever experienced dry patches of skin on your face? It can be so irritating, not to mention embarrassing! Experiencing dry skin, on your face or any part of the body, is very common, and it can happen at any age whether we are male or female. It’s easy to ignore or hide when it’s on your legs, but when it’s on your face, it’s hard not to be embarrassed and feel helpless, and you might start wondering what causes dry patches and how can you get rid of it safely and effectively. Before you go down the rabbit hole of WebMD, let’s look at some facts.

Our skin is naturally oily; it contains sebum, which is an oil substance that protects the skin. For skin to be healthy, it needs two important things:  moisture and oil, like your car needs a change of oil and grease job. They go together for the engine to perform well. Essentially, if the natural oil is removed, your skin will become dry. Dry skin can be irritating but it can also lead to more serious issues like causing the skin to crack and produce an environment for bacteria to easily enter and create infections. As we age, our skin becomes less oily and we are at a higher risk of experiencing dry skin. However, there are several causes for dry skin that we are all at a risk for no matter what age or gender we are. These causes can be mild, like diet or environment, to more serious medical conditions like eczema or hypothyroidism.


The type of dry skin you experience will help you determine if it is a more serious condition that you should talk to your doctor about. If your dry skin is accompanied by a rash, redness, and extreme cases of itchiness, these are symptoms that could indicate you are experiencing something more than just dry skin. Although, dry skin itself is itchy and can be pink to red, if you find yourself vigorously scratching your skin and/or your skin is much redder than it should be, consult your physician as soon as you can. It may be something serious like Eczema or a fungal infection, and not your day to day dry skin caused by something like poor skincare.

If you can rule out serious conditions, and the dry skin is just dry patches of skin, then we can look at common causes like environment, everyday life and weather, for your dry skin.

Dry weather, characterized by high temperatures and or low humidity, and cold weather, have been known to cause dry skin. As simple as it sounds, if your skin is not hydrated enough, the weather will dry it out, leading to dry skin. To avoid this, make sure you drink lots of water and bundle up when you need too.

Aspects of everyday life can also remove the natural occurring oils and cause dry skin. Long hot showers and using soaps and detergents filled with harsh ingredients like alcohol, can strip the skin of natural oils. Dry skin can even be caused by prescribed medications, or diet. Excessive sun exposure or repeated exposure to chlorine can also cause dry skin.

In most cases, dry skin can be treated by tweaking your skin care routine or changing your habits. It’s important after a shower to dry thoroughly and moisturize when the skin is still slightly damp. This will help lock in moisturizer and keep skin moist. Switching to skin care products that are designed to help keep your skin moist without harsh chemicals, like our Absolute Divine Facial Serum does, is important as well. Most dry skin is caused by the products we use!

Mainstream skin care products are filled with perfumes, dyes and harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. Sometimes that harm translates into dry skin. At Divine Skin Creations, we’ve seen so many cases of dry skin clear up once they switched over to our products because they are made with natural, pure, organic ingredients. Our products are designed to help lock in moisture and keep your skin from drying up.

Sometimes there is no single cause for dry skin, making no single cure the answer. In most cases, if dry skin is not caused by a serious medical issue, a combination of changing skin care routine, altering daily habits and avoiding environmental causes will cure the dry skin in no time. Though, in our experience, harsh soaps and using the wrong skincare products are the most common factors to causing dry skin. A simple switch to pure, natural products made with organic ingredients can be a safe and effective way to get rid of dry skin once and for all. .