Frequently asked questions

1. I wear make up – do I continue using my make up remover?
Try two applications of the cleanser in lieu of your makeup remover.
2. My schedule requires me to travel. How many products do I need to pack with me?
Divine Skin Creations is in the process of adding travel size kits to our inventory.
3. What if I fall out of my routine?
Well, that happens. Just pick up where you left off and stay happy.
4. How long does the product last once it’s been opened?
The shelf life for the cream is nine months to one year. All products are made with pure ingredients though, so it’s best to use all products within one year.
5. Do medications cause problems with using your products?
That’s definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your health care professional. At this time, we’ve had no issues of that concern.
6. Can I use other products in conjunction with yours?
Preferably not, since Divine Skin Creations products have been created to work synergistically for optimal results.
7. Are cotton face cloths as appropriate as cotton cloths?
8. Can I leave the mask on for a couple hours (when I get busy)?
Yes, in fact, I’ve caught myself doing that many times.
9. Does temperature affect the products?

Yes. They should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment.

10. How beneficial are the mini-facials?
Consistency is key. Once or twice a week coupled with the mask, you should experience the benefits of professional results. It is still recommended to visit your esthetician on a regular basis.
11. I work out a lot and require a shower after the work out. Since I’ve completed my morning protocol, when should I do the evening protocol?
As soon as you’re back home is the best time to do your night routine. Divine Skin Creations is working on travel kits, hopefully available soon.

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