Fibroblast / Plasma Pen
A non-surgical lift

One of the newest skin treatments in the industry! Fibroblast/Plasma pen tightens skin and removes wrinkles. Some of the skin areas it treats: Lip, Eyes, Jowl, Forehead, Frown line, Mouth, Neck, Crow’s feet, and much more!

Fibroblast/Plasma Pen requires no anesthesia! Instead a numbing cream is used and there is no cutting of the skin.

While the treatment device itself never touches the skin, the plasma flash creates a tiny heated dot of carbon crust. The superficial dots over the treatment area are evaporating the excess tissue with instant contraction of the tissue to aid in the tightening, for the reduction and elimination of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Most see tightening results instantly.

The treatment continues to improve over the following eight weeks. The dots will fall off in about 5-7 days post-treatment.

When maintained with keeping skin hydrated, and protected from the sun, many have enjoyed the results for more than eighteen months.

Free consultations available, and prices for areas not listed.

— Fibroblast Price Sheet —

Upper eyelids:  $650
Under eyes:  $650
Upper & lower eye lids: $1,150 ($150 discount)
Crow’s Feet:  $450
Upper & Lower Eyelids plus Crows feet:  $1,450 ($300 discount)

Brow Forehead Lift:  $800
Frown Lines:  $325
Forehead Lines:  $395
Bunny Lines by Nose:  $250

Upper Lip:  $500
Bottom Lip:  $400
Upper & Lower Lips:  $800 ($100 discount)

Nasalabial Fold (lines side of the Nose):  $325
Marionette (Lower Lines By mouth):  $325
Both Nasalabial & Marionette Fold:  $500 ($150 discount)

Jowl:  $800
Full Neck:  $1200-$1400
Horizontal Necklines:  $450
Center Neck lift:  $550

Treat yourself to a lift!
You deserve it!

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