Eye wrinkles? Crows feet? Aging eyes?

The eyes. Big, Small, Brown, Blue, Narrow, Wide – however you describe yours, they are beautiful. And they are the area people are drawn to when looking at one another. They are the focal point of the face – the windows to the soul. Unfortunately, they are also the first place to see signs of aging because of the delicate skin surrounding the eye. 

There are several things that one can do that will help and protect the skin around your eyes and in return give your eyes a more youthful, and rejuvenated appearance. Here are a few we recommend:

Moisturizers. It is important to keep the skin surrounding the eyes moisturized since it has fewer sebaceous glands. The decrease in oil production can lead to dryness and dehydration, creating fine lines. Moisturizers not only attract and hold moisture, but commonly have other beneficial ingredients to enhance the eye area. Be sure to use organic moisturizers with no chemicals. The skin around the eyes is VERY sensitive, so the purer the ingredients, the better.

Eye Cream
Antioxidants for the skin

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are a must when it comes to eye care as they fight off harmful free radicals that can damage proteins in the delicate eye area. Be sure to eat tons of berries and other fruit filled with antioxidants.

Sun protection. Sun protection is extremely important when it comes to keeping the eye area looking healthy and youthful. The best way to stop age-related skin conditions, such as fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, is to prevent it from occurring in the first place! First and foremost is to protect against future damage, which is where protective sunglasses and broad-spectrum sunscreens come in.  Due to the higher chance of sensitivities in this area, the sun screen ingredients must be chosen carefully. A simple formula containing zinc oxide tends to be the best option, as chemical sunscreens are known for their potential skin irritation. 

protect the eyes from skin
gold eye cream

Quality Skincare products. Not all skin care products are equal. Many commercial skin car products have harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients that do more harm then good. These kinds of products are unsafe to use around the eyes. It’s important to know the ingredients in the products you use, and to make sure the products you choose are made with pure, organic, all natural ingredients that are safe for your skin to absorb. We’ll just quietly mention that all of our products, including our Gold Eye Cream and Absolute Divine Serum are made with 100% organic ingredients and safe to use around the eyes…

The skin around our eyes is fragile, delicate, and you can keep it beautiful by making sure your skin care routine is proactive as well as reactive. Protect the skin not just with what you put on it – although making sure you use amazing skin care products like Divine Skin Creations Eye serum, is of course a good first step – but consider what you eat, what you wear, and what’s in your environment. All of these can affect the skin around your eyes, and give you wrinkles, dark circles, or something worse.