Mini facial routine

Weekly Routine

Replaces either your morning or evening daily routine 1-3 times per week.
Step One: Facial Cleanser

Generously wet your face with warm water. Pump one pump of cleanser into palm of hands and spread evenly upward avoiding eyes. Rinse your face with warm water.

Step Two: Facial Scrub

Put a nickel size of the scrub in the palm of your hand. Apply it on face using circular movement from chin upward. Wash your face using nonabrasive method (cloth, sponge, brush, etc.) this will remove the scrub and the dead cells

Step Three: Mask

Using a fan brush, apply a thin layer of cream mask to the face, because the skin will absorb the mask, the mask will appear to be transparent. After 20 minutes, blot off excess with wet soft cloth.

Step Four: Facial Toner

Apply toner to face using cotton pad/spray

Step Five: Serum

Shake well, put two pumps of serum in palm of hand. Apply the serum upward on your face. Wait 30 seconds and apply thin layer of Facial Cream. (To open serum, twist bottom to the left to unlock. Pull of small cap on top, do not unscrew)

Step Six: Facial Cream

Apply a layer of cream over entire face and neck, leave on. Apply a thicker layer in dry areas.

Step Seven: Eye Cream

Gently apply a small amount of eye cream around eyes, do not pull the skin.