What our customers are saying...

“Thank you for providing skin care services and making skin care products (Caviar Facial Toner, Caviar Facial Cleansing Cream, Facial Scrub, Cellular Essentials Facial Oil, and 24 Kt Gold Eye Cream) that have given me skin that I am very pleased with.

Only someone who loves what they do could provide these services and make these fine products.”

–Maria M. Mesa, Arizona

“Absolutely the best of everything from Diane. I have used many products over the years, as I am over 65, and her products are effective, and 100% pure. Her services are outstanding and very reasonably priced. You won’t be disappointed in the extensively researched ingredients to give your skin the best care you can buy. My favorites are the daily moisture cream and the eye serum.”

–Mary H Brooks Prescott, Arizona

“Gifting oneself the experience of a refreshing skin rebirth has been a four year experience I wish to share with the world. Utilizing an exquisite complement of products and technique, Diane Wells has combined years of experience within her own product line “Divine Creations”! I can attest that I ran into a Board certified Cosmetologist only this past month and he complemented my skin tone and texture. When I told him that I was approaching 60,he said, my skin looks better than most 30 year olds. I must direct the complement to Diane who provided a simple regiment that I have followed religiously for over 4 years. I’ve used products in the past, but none have compared to the organic serums et. al., I use from Diane. Between the combination of facials….etc., the products, it’s as simple as following instructions resulting in looking and feeling radiant! Thanks Diane.”

–Susan H. Mesa AZ

“I have watched my wife use these products for a long time,and her skin looks beautiful. I wanted my skin to look young and healthy also, so my wife ordered me my very own.

I have been using these product for about 4 months and I really look and feel the improvement in my skin. It has also helped in the irritation my skin would have after shaving.

I am 50 yrs old with sensitive skin and I have tried many other products. There is no doubt that this product has won my loyalty exclusively in the future. For me it is 5 star for sure!!!”

–Michael P. Sacramento

“Diane’s quest and passion for finding the best ingredients for her clients makes each session a treat. Her products produce wonderful results especially for skin that needs the extra mile of attention!!!

Thank you Diane for providing the highest quality pure line I have ever used!!”

–Judy H. Mesa, Arizona

“I am so excited about the wonderful results I have experienced with Divine Skin Creations. My first experience with this great product was when I visited Diane Wells, creator the Diving Skin Creations, for my first facial. Not only were the results more than I expected but Diane is wholly dedicated to serving her clients and achieving the best results. I have continued visiting Diane for the last two years experiencing all of Diane’s recommended treatments with fabulous results. When visiting my new hair salon yesterday, for the first time, the salon owner was amazed at my beautiful skin. She tried to guess my age and when I told her that I am 72 years old, she said that she knows women in their early 50s who don’t have skin like mine. I thanked her and told her of the Divine Skin Creations product and suggested that she consider visiting Diane as well.”

–Dorothy G. Minnesota

“I have been a regular client at Diane’s spa for several years and I can honestly say she gets tremendous results and her products are amazing. Diane goes above and beyond and in such a caring way.”

–Barbara “BABS” Shadoan

“I have had the pleasure of being a client of Diane’s for over 3 years. She not only gives an amazing facial treatment, she is also so knowledgeable in skin care. Diane understands skin care and has a passion for helping women learn how to keep their skin looking young and beautiful. She has created outstanding products with effective ingredients to help reduce wrinkles and pores. My skin definitely looks and feels better with Diane’s skin care line.”

–Rose Shorma Alexandria MN

“I have used high quality chemical free skin care products for twenty years and my face reflects the benefits. I first began using the Divine Skin Creations in 2013 as an alternative to high priced European products. I started with using:

  • Caviar Facial Cleansing Gel
  • Cellular Essentials Facial Oil
  • Replenishing Facial Cream – Anti-Aging Firming Cream

I have very sensitive dry skin and was concerned about trying a different product.   The Divine Skin Creations product has proven to be even better for my skin and more reasonably priced than what I was previously using. I wear no face makeup except lipstick and minimal eye makeup and I always receive compliments on how good my skin looks. People who don’t know me always assume I am 10 years younger than I actually am. A great ego booster and very helpful when interviewing for a job!

Because of those great results I began using additional Divine Skin Creations products in 2014:

  • Rice Facial Scrub – Anti-aging Firming
  • Caviar Facial Toner – Revitalizing & Firming

The scrub and toner are now an essential part of my regular facial care routine. I am a true believer in the Divine Skin Creations product line and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do the very best for their skin.”

–Barbara D. Brea, California

“Diane Wells has been outstanding in improving my skin & my husband’s skin with many different products, machines, masks & hands on work.

She has always studied this area & taken numerous courses, seminars, etc. & worked in spas in California for 20 years before coming to Arizona.

I trust her guidance & admire her vast knowledge.”

–Brenda & Perry Mesa AZ

“I was introduced to Divine Skin Creations by my esthetician about a year ago. Up to then I had tried numerous products including those more expensive causing my dry, inflamed, acne skin to worsen because of all the chemicals and inferior ingredients they contained. I am so excited to have finally found a professional product that is pure with organic essential oils, and botanicals.

These products are the reason my skin now has a healthier and younger appearance. No paraben or chemicals is also a plus for my health.

I give these product 6 stars because I love them, they work, and I enjoy wearing my face again!!!!”

–Dorina G. Sacramento, CA