Ever thought fungus would be good skin care? Neither did we.

Oh but it’s true. Tremella fuciformis, also known as Snow Mushroom, grows wild in the tropics and subtropics, where it can be found on dead tree branches like most fungus in the forest. It is slightly translucent and looks like a pile of snow but this pile of snow fungus is a little known beauty secret. 

You see, the Snow Mushroom is known to hydrate the skin –  and remember, hydrating the skin is important to maintaining a healthy glow – by holding 500 times more water then it’s weight – it’s basically all you need to hydrate your skin. It is more powerful than Hyaluronic acid.  

But it’s not just known for it’s water strength, the Snow Mushroom is filled with polysaccharides and minerals, it is rich in vitamin D, and has over 18 amino acids, that combined together, can make your skin glow. 

This magical mushroom also helps cell growth and heals acne lesions due to the amount of vitamin D that is found in the mushroom. 

So how do you get all the benefits of the magical snow mushroom? Two ways – you can eat it or you can apply it.

Although tasteless, the magical Snow Mushroom is an edible mushroom, and it is commonly used in Chinese cuisine, and primarily for sweet dishes. It can be prepared as a soup. Or prepared on it’s own as a dish or in a dessert.

It has also been a staple ingredient in Asian medicine and skin care for centuries. Because of it’s hydrating abilities, the magical Snow Mushroom has been known to offer anti-aging benefits, and used in a variety of serums and moisturizers.  

The combination of consuming Snow Mushroom (Tremella fuciformis,) and adding the Divine Skin Creations Absolute! Divine Facial serum to your skin care routine, can offer your skin the benefits of Hydration, Brightening and Healing to produce amazing results of beautiful healthy skin.

So fungus, apparently, it’s not so bad – it’s kind of magical…

Did you know?

Mushrooms have as much Vitamin D as a supplement does. They are also the only place to find vitamin D naturally in the produce section of your local grocery store. Add some mushrooms to your diet and enjoy the healing benefits of Vitamin D.