It’s berry season! Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to stock up on antioxidants from wild berries like blackberries and blueberries – or maybe you live in areas where you can enjoy more uncommon berries like cloudberries and partridge berries. No matter your backyard berry, it’s going to come with reasons of why it’s good to eat, and good for your skin. Ah yes, berry season is the best time of year.

Unfortunately, fresh wild berries are not available all year round. But, in most grocery stores year-round these days, you will find strawberries. Though not exactly a berry, strawberries are so like berries in their benefits for the body and skin that its common to mistake them as a berry!


One of the reasons we love strawberries and make an effort to enjoy them year round is because they work wonders for our skin!  One way strawberries benefit the skin is that they help protect the skin for UV damage.  See strawberries are full of ellagic acid and this acid works to protect the skin against UV damage by stopping the enzymes that contribute to collagen destruction. So this along with all the antioxidants and high level of Vitamin C strawberries have, strawberries help reduce wrinkle formation, and help prevent signs of aging.

Not only does the vitamin C from strawberries help reduce wrinkles, it also helps with skin toning and reducing dark spots. And it has been known to help with acne by reducing excess sebum and oils on the skin. There are so many ways strawberries work wonder for our skin!

And there’s more! Strawberries are not just good for the skin, they have also been known to be a positive influence in heart health, regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation and helping in weight loss.

So although they are not exactly a berry, and do not get the attention actual berries do during late summer, they are still magical on their own for all the ways they benefit the skin. So enjoy some strawberries this summer – or anytime through the year!

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