Those with sensitive skin know there are a lot of reasons for why your skin can go from pretty to disaster in an instant. Here are two situations to consider if you find yourself wondering – what happened?

Avoid Flare Scenarios.

Those with sensitive, inflamed skin (redness) should avoid overheating. Hot yoga class, steamy, sweaty environments will cause flare up in the skin. If you need to be in that environment, try rinsing your face with tepid water (Not cold) and spray with the Divine skin Creations, Sensitive Lavender facial toner to calm your inflammation. Recommended use is on a daily basis. You and your face will enjoy the benefit!

Dairy can cause inflammation.

It is important to understand the difference between having an allergic reaction and being sensitive. For some people, dairy can cause an inflammatory response. Try troubleshooting. If your face shows inflammation and your diet contains dairy, try eliminating dairy from your diet for two weeks and see if there is any improvement. If yes, bingo your skin is not being sensitive, it has an allergy to dairy! Fortunately, there are many non-dairy products on the market. Nuts and plants like cashews, almonds, coconuts, rice, hemp, etc are made into yogurt, ice cream, and milk, that make delicious substitutes for dairy.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to check out our sensitive skin category. Most of our products are formulated specifically for sensitive skin. In addition to using 100% organic, pure ingredients, we choose our ingredients specifically for their ability to not cause reactions or skin flares. Discover our skin care, products that truly do more good than harm!

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