What are some of the causes for puffy/swollen eyelids?

Ever looked in the mirror and noticed your eyes are puffy or swollen? And weren’t sure why? Anyone, at any age, can experience puffy eyes or swollen eyelids. The most common causes for puffy or swollen eyelids will happen during your day to day routine. And are usually related to not caring for your skin properly or using the wrong product.

Irritation is probably the most common cause for puffy or swollen eyelids. If you vigorously rub or scratch your eyes, it will cause swelling and lead to puffy eyes. This can happen when you are removing eye makeup or using harsh skin products. To prevent irritation, when removing eye makeup, use a gentle cleanser and avoid scrubbing the area.

Skin care products filled with harsh chemicals will cause serious allergic reactions and irritate the eyes and cause puffy eye lids. If you use eye serums or other products around your eyes to reduce wrinkles, read the ingredients before you buy and choose organic products over non-organic. Avoiding harsh chemicals will not only keep your skin healthy but reduce the risk for any allergic reaction.

Fragrances are another cause for puffy eyes. If you have sensitive skin, or have asthma, it’s best to stay away from products that contain fragrances. Like chemicals, fragrances can cause allergic reactions that show up as puffy or swollen eyelids. The best products to use around your eyes to avoid causing puffy or swollen eyelids are organic, fragrance free products designed for sensitive skin.

It is important to note that puffy or swollen eye lids can be caused by other factors like not getting enough sleep or dehydrated skin. Basic health care – drinking plenty of water and getting a good night of sleep – are the first defense to prevent puffy or irritated eyes. Though, using the right skincare products can be one of the best ways to reduce irritation and prevent puffy eye lids.

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